Iran kerman & lut desert local guide

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About Kerman

Area:182301km sq

Altitude from sea level:1750m

Population : 2652413

Language: Persian 

Big city:12




Major exports: minerals, agricultural productions such as dates , citrous , pistachio , carpet.

General: Kerman is located in the south east of Iran. Today it is counted as the largest province of Iran. There are four seasons and different regions such as cold , tropical , desert and semi desert in Kerman province.

There are some nomads who live in the south and west of Kerman. Kerman had been on the way of the silk road many years ago.

I think your journey won’t be complete otherwise you visit Kerman. 

How to get there

From Tehran you can go there by three ways: air , rail , bus but from another province it is different. 

Major Gate ways

 major international airport is in Kerman but there are some airports in the other towns which are not so active. 

How to get around

Kerman’s domestic buses and cars provide you an efficient link between some towns but for special tourism places it is usually impossible. So it is better for you to take guide driver to enjoy it and not to waste your time. 


 Today railways connect Kerman to Yazd , Kashan , Tehran and Mashhad. 


Food and restaurants

Fresh and fast food are available at some stores and super markets. Kerman is known for its tropical fruits and dates ,excellent beef and tomb ,dairy products and for some local delicious food.

You can dine at elegant restaurants ,leading hotels and other locations. There are many low cost eating places including fast food and take away food stores. 


You can stay in great international hotel and another comfortable hotels. If you are traveling on a budget , there are many guest houses which are cheap and in Lut desert there is a free of charge camp to stay in one night or more but today because of the climate it is possible to sleep in a specific time and you are allowed to bring your own (BYO)tent to pitch in most parts of Kerman which are suitable. However visitors are advised to check regulations with the local councils or police.


Big department stores , gift , souvenir, fashion boutiques , handy crafts and specially hand made carpet stores are available to do shopping.

Season to visit

Kerman is an all year round destination but during the summer it is hot in desert and tropical area .

Sun protection

Enjoy outdoor activities without the risk of harmful exposure to the sun by using simple skin protection.

                                                      Travel Hints


Tipping is some times general custom in Kerman but it depends on the situation and it is up to you to choose.


Kerman tap water is safe to drink , milk and Doogh (Iranian drink) are pasteurized.


Kerman distances , temperatures and weights are expressed in metric units. Speed and distance are measured in Km , goods in Kg and litteres .temperature in centigrade.

Electricity  220 volt AC , 50 HZ


Iran currency is with Rials(10000)R=1000 Toman.


Standards of hygiene are high , particularly in food preparation. Doctors and dentists are highly trained and hospitals are well equipped in Kerman city.




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About me  

I am Iraj Rahmani , I have been working as a tour guide for more than 15 years in Kerman province  and specially in desert . by the way I was born in Shahdad town close to  the desert  that’s why I am the only lut desert local guide in Kerman 

Some recommendations for the travllers

Complete your journey to visit Kerman-

Visit Maymand(rocky village) as one of so amazing tourism place in Iran-

Sleep over night in one million stars hotel near Kaluts free of charge-

Don’t worry about your program in Kerman, I will suggest and arrange   you the best tours according to your time and budget. And I will show you some places in my hometown in satisfactory standard for reasonable price. In other hand I try to create a situation to meet  the locals in order to be familiar with their life style in Shahdad and the villages around as a part of sociology and anthropology if possible

Don’t hesitate to contact: Ph(0098)09133417865


Special  and  direct  tours

1- Around  iran  direct  tours:I am available to offer you this service by my own car for reasonable price.

2- Offer  you  tailor  made  trip  services

3- Off  road  tours  in  shahdad  desert:

a) gandom beryan+salt river by 4w car

b) mega dune by 4w car

don’t  hesitate  to contact : Ph(0098)09133417865 - E-mail:




Desert different options

To  visit both sunset and sunrise in Kaluts about 24 hours and sleeping over night there.

To visit both sunrise and sunset during the daylight.

To visit just sunset in Kaluts area about 6-8 hours.

To visit just sunrise in Kaluts area about 8-10 hours. 

Desert special tours

I can offer this tour to visit the hottest point of the world (Gandom Beryan) and salt river by 4WD car beside visiting Kaluts for 24 hours or more. 

Mixing tours

You can see Mahan and Rayen before going to desert or on the way coming back to Kerman after the desert.

Intensive tour

This service is offered to the travellers who have really restriction of time and also they want to see many places.

Visit sunrise in Kalut + Mahan+ Rayen + Bam about 16 hours.

Visit sunrise in Kalut + Mahan + Rayen + Maymand about 16 hours.


It is worth to take a tour guide to offer you  tour overnight  into desert  to enjoy it if you are suggested to go to desert by taxi and give you some reasons in this respect ,don’t belive in,because you  will miss this opportunity to sleep in desert free of charge.


      Other services 

Help you to do shopping specially kerman hand made carpet  

      Help you for visa extension

consult you to visit other provinces and getting ticket  

  For more information contact me  

       Tell : 09133417865       E-mail :



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The samples of Kerman gifts


  Copper handy crafts




































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Desert camp

There is a camp at the distance about 25 km far from Shahdad .there are some local made cottages and a big yard with many beds to sleep in

It is free of charge 

According to the desert climate the best times to sleep in open air are recommended as below 

 From 20 Mar until 21 May

 From 25 Aug until 6 Nov

for more information contact me



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There is a salt river in the middle of the central lut desert which is called

(Kale –shour)and it is located at the distance about 90 km far from shahdad ,it is sandy road about 30 km to get is so amazing site to see , but you need guide,path finder and 4 WD car.

This is my profession to arrange it for you.




There is a kind of trees near by gives fruit just in fall for about tow months and it will be finished after the first raining.

This fruit is so sticky and sweet and very tasty.the local people belive that it is so good for fever and decreases the temperature of the body.if you come to desert in autumn try to taste it.

Some thing is amazing to know about :

This tree is living without water to live.if it uses water it never gives fruit.







The Holy Defence Museum

This museum is an enduring result and a uniqe consequence of the congress to commemorate the commandts and Eight Thousand Martyrs of the Sistan and Balouchestan province.

It was built through the efforts of Brigadier Ghasem Soleymani, then commander of the 41st Thar-ol-Lah Brigade who undertook the eleven months task with the objective of preserving the culture of self sacrifice jihad martyrdoms and proving the rights of the Muslim Iranians during the imposed eight years war with Iraq.

The Museum was designed by Mr. Khan Mohammadi ,a professor in the University of Science and Industry in Tehran.It was created on a plot of land covering an area of 23 thousand squar meters.

The 2,550 squar meters building cost 11 billion Rials to complete and was inaugurated by President Hashemi Rafsanjani on 24th May 1998, on the  Anniversary of Khoramshahr's freedom.

The position of the museum in the center of the town and opposite the great Eid prayers Mosque in Kerman has greatly enhanced the importance of the cultural center.







Shahdad is a district situated at lowest point of the desert at a maximum height of 4oo meter above the sea.

The town is at a distance of 105km from Kerman.the old ruins of the old town dating back to the 4th millennium BC were discovered in the Shahdad

Plain near the new town.It has been recently discovered that Shahdad is the hottest point on earth near to the heat pole.

A cording to it's diletrant excavations consist  of a collection of metal foundries and traces of metal works. Pointing to Shahdad as an industrial center of it's time.

All these reveal that Shahdad was an important center for metal industry in the second millennium BC.the first metal flag was discovered in an old cemetery in Shahdad.








MAYMAND(Rocky village):

It is located at a distance of 247km far from Kerman.

Historians and researchers have put the age of Maymand between 3000 to 12000 years ago.they say there is a stone table at a distance of 7 to 8km from Maymand on which the town's history is engraved.

The village has a peculiar style in architecture and construction of house and is counted as a center for early human settlement in the central desert of Iran.

The hoses in the village were craved in the heart of the mountain.the rooms and patios consist of corridors and columns displaying a soecial rural architecture.

Maymand is one of the four Iranian villages registered in UNESCO






Kavir-e lut in Kerman province is a part of  the larger lut desert .            

The lut desert is situated in the south eastern region of Iran. And covers a total area of about

Eighty thousand


The lut desert is divided into three section'The northern 'Centeral and  southern section.

The centeral  section is the largest part of the lut desert and also reaches its lowest



There are several Kaluts in this region that extend from centeral lut to the west.The kaluts

 cover part of the west fring of the lut desert with an average width of 80km and an average length of 145km.

The lowest region of the lut desert to the east of a salt mine called Gowd-e namak which is situated in the west region of Kaluts.At this point the altitude is a mere 56m above sea level and is recorded as the lowest region in Iran and also the warmest point in Iran and the wold.

The temperature in the lut desert can exceed 65 degrees centigrade in the shade'that makes it even hotter than "Death valley" in Saudi Arabia.

Kalut is a moving sand castele that is being built one day and moves another day.            




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A)Cultural tourism

take the travellers to see religious and wedding ceremonies if possible


take the travellers  to see the Nomads and their tribal life


teach the travellers to cook Iranian foods in the kitchen and have it there




  Take the tourists to the mountainous erea to see national hunting park

 in Khabr - Baft


C)sports tourism 

Take the tourists to Zoor Khaneh to see Iranian traditional sport 


D)recreational tourism

To provide you different picnics with camel meat to eat


ride on camel if possible


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